ALWAYS LISTEN.Listening refers to all senses. Half of life is paying attention.

THOUGHTFULLY SPEAK.The other half of life is responding to stimuli. This must be done carefully and truthfully.

RULES ARE GUIDELINES.Rules are created by the powerful and should be perceived and interpreted solely in that light.

FUCK THE GUIDELINES.You are powerful. Create your own rules.

DON'T WASTE- REUSE.There are enough things in the world- do not support the production of wasteful materials such as excessive packaging. Boycott them and then take them away from the powerful and make them your own.

BE YOURSELF.Your self is entirely unique. Though it may be similar to another, there are infinite differences- harness them to your advantage.

BE PRESENT.It is vital that a liver shed preoccupation with the past and goals for the future. Every thing has been in the past, lives in the present, and dies in the future.

FUCK THE GALLERY.Art does not take place so that it may be put on a wall.