You enter a room you've never seen before
and this room is
large and dark

it sounds peaceful but you feel like
you shouldn't be here for some reason

on the floor is a sickly
yellow marine creature
maybe an octopus or something
it's not important but what is is the way it's
inching toward your toes
like blood creeps from a fallen body
toward the drain
and you're the drain

do you feel that you're the drain?
the drain
like you're sucking for something and you
can't help it
it just comes to you and falls in
so you might as well be the best damn drain you can

so you let this little mister or misses
clutch onto your foot
and you can feel its energy moving from its own body to yours

and you're getting bigger
and you feel happier
and you learn to exchange energies with the creature
and its easier to be a drain with something to drain